Tim Welch

Eastern Oregon

I am the IT Director for La Grande School District. I have 29 years experience in education. I have taught at all grade levels from elementary to university to adult. As the IT director, I am responsible for IT (Information Technology) as well as IT (Instructional Technology). I maintain over 1200 computing devices and an array of virtual servers, comprised of  SIS, FIS, BIS, databases, server backups, etc.

In June 2012, we migrated our 330+ users from Novell Groupwise to GMail. This transition went very well. I have also migrated our School District website from Drupal to Google Sites. We are successfully trained our staff to adopt Google Drive and migrate as much as possible to the GAPPS environment.

google edutrainer

I am a Google Education Trainer, and am willing to help any school district with their migration and training with the GAFE. GAFE (Google Apps For Education) is a robust and always improving enterprise computing environment that is very well suited for education.