David Cosand

Southern Oregon

So, have you heard the one about the guy who is a husband and a dad and spends most days trying to herd a group of 3rd graders toward learning awesomeness? Yep…that’s me.

I’ve been teaching in Southern Oregon for a dozen years and have integrated technology with instruction and classroom management since day one. (For the record, day one involved duct taping an old Hi-8mm camcorder to a PVC pipe mount in a desperate attempt to create a document camera. It worked! Sorta…) My role now finds me both in the classroom and functioning as a technology lead for my building and professional development facilitator for my district and beyond.

My areas of experience and interest include utilizing Chromebooks and Google Apps in a 1:1 setting, championing virtual collaboration between classes, and becoming somewhat obsessed with pulled pork sandwiches following 15 years as a pseudo-vegetarian.