LMS and Online Courses

Introduction to Your Services
The OSU Open Source Lab has created a new learning management server (LMS) for your school district as part of the new ORVSD Course Catalogue release. This new LMS is version 2.5 of the Moodle Learning Management Server with custom configurations that improve ease of use. Your LMS has full access to the ORVSD Course Repository with all of the new courses preconfigured with the feature plugins that improve grading, student progress tracking and integration with external services like Google Apps for Education. Teachers can always create their own custom courses. The Repository is offered as a resource.

Extending Your District’s Reach
The configuration includes the implementation of Google’s Open Authentication Version 2(OAuth2). OAuth2 allows users to access their account using their Google Apps for Education ID and Password. The Open Source Lab will be extending the ORVSD OAuth 2 implementation to include the option for school district directory services integration. This becomes important for ease of use as ORVSD adds additional service and content partners over the next year. As we add new partners, the OAuth 2 services will allow a user to log in to the platform once and gain access to all the partner services. This implementation maintains school district control over their user’s credentials while improving the user experience.

Since ORVSD currently provides services to approximately 270 schools, the new release is provisioned on oregonachieves.org. This allows districts to maintain their current course usage and custom content without interruption. Over time, the servers can be consolidated when district and school users wish.