ArcGIS is a comprehensive system that allows people to collect, organize, manage, analyze, communicate, and distribute geographic information. As the world’s leading platform for building and using geographic information systems (GIS), ArcGIS is used by people all over the world to put geographic knowledge to work in government, business, science, education, and media. ArcGIS enables geographic information to be published so it can be accessed and used by anyone. The system is available everywhere using web browsers, mobile devices such as smartphones, and desktop computers.

ArcGIS is a complete system
If you are a longtime user of ArcGIS, you may think of it as a series of software programs and tools that you use to get professional GIS work done. As technology moves ahead, we invite you to consider an expanded vision of how the world works with geographic information, based around ArcGIS as a system. The ArcGIS system enables authoritative geographic information created by the GIS community to be easily and freely leveraged by anyone who wants to use it (and with whom they choose to share it). This system includes software, an online cloud-based infrastructure, professional tools, configurable resources such as application templates, ready-to-use basemaps, and authoritative content shared by the user community. Support for server and cloud platforms enables collaboration and sharing, ensuring that information critical to planning and decision making is immediately available to everyone.
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