Pictures of What?!?! Pictures of What?!?!

stop sign

So an email popped into my inbox from an administrator in one of my many districts.   A simple few lines: I have heard a rumor that a student has a picture of naked butts on his iPad.  How would he get these? I had to read that one a couple times, then I laughed.  It was a good belly laugh.  Once I stopped laughing I started thinking about it, carefully, before I… Read More

Content and Technology: A Mat(c)h Made in Heaven


Today we got together and talked about digital content. It’s coming but we’re unsure about how to get our districts and teachers there. We haven’t even started a conversation about parents yet. Broad themes to consider: content adaptability formats/operating system learning and content management systems infrastructure devices and hardware support teacher training Open Content The confluence of CCSS, technology, and collaborative tools is the perfect segway to getting teachers to contribute. We’ve… Read More

Fancy Gadgets – Cool and Useful or Just Cool?

Melissa Lim

Visioning for the future of education and technology is hard. We talk about getting ahead and then go back to our daily routine involving a lot of reactive approaches to technology. Then we wonder why it doesn’t feel like we’re making forward progress in teaching and learning. Our discussion on October 15 was about innovation in devices. Of course, the conversation always bleeds into how we shift teaching and learning and what… Read More

Join in to Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week

October 21-25, 2013 is Digital Citizenship Week. However, the skills involved in digital citizenship are embedded in 21st century life; these skills and knowledge cannot be learned in a one-time or once-a-year event. Digital citizenship is part of the process of learning to live, learn, and work in the global community, so these skills need to be embedded into students’ everyday lives, both at home and at school. Edutopia and Common Sense… Read More

Check out STEM Central

STEM Central is a recently-launched website whose goal is to provide resources and materials on STEM-related topics to students and teachers. At STEM Central, which is part of the Sally Ride Science project, one can find links to videos, articles, apps, and many other resources on a variety of subjects  related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Items can be selected by category, topic, grade level, media type, tags, and ratings. Resources… Read More

Google sites to the rescue!

Talk to just about any educator these days, no matter what part of the country or world they’re teaching in, and they’re  all asking pretty much the same questions: how do I communicate more easily with parents? How do I keep absent students caught up in class? How do I teach my students to take more responsibility for their education? And how do I just make my job just a little bit… Read More

Got Technology? Meet

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the volume of apps and educational media you encounter daily? Check out, a free website created by Common Sense Media that provides reviews and ratings of apps, games, websites, and digital curricula. Created and curated by a team of professional educators, also blends the field notes contributed by teacher-users to provide practical insights to using each digital resource in a classroom. Site visitors can search… Read More

Google Calendars & Lesson Planning

Have you ever spilled coffee, tea, or something sticky on your desk calendar?  Or are you an over planner like I am?  Or even, have you ever had an unexpected event occur like an emergency drill that completely messes up your plan for the day?  So, how do I constantly move the lessons that I never get to during the day on my calendar or maintain a readable calendar?  Actually, I don’t… Read More

Google Summit 2013

Mt Hood hike

The Google Summit is a **free** event taking place on Oregon’s Statewide Inservice Day. This year, the Google Summit will be at Westview High School in Beaverton, Oregon from 8:00am-3:30pm on October 11. This is a call for both presenters and participants. Please sign up with the following form: Visit for relevant information. Sessions are meant to be informational and include hands-on practice or question time for participants. Photo credit: Boots… Read More

The Maker Movement and Maker Camps teach STEM and engage students

“We must reimagine middle school science and math not as a way to prepare students for high school, but as a place where students are inventors, scientists, and mathematicians today.”Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager, Classroom Tinkers & Inventors Are you interested in promoting STE(A)M learning, student engagement, and creativity in your class and school? If you missed Google’s 2013 Maker Camp this summer, you can still check out the videos and projects… Read More