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SketchUp Pro for Oregon K-12 Districts

ORVSD is excited to provide access to SketchUp Pro at no cost to Oregon school districts. We are a grantee under the Statewide License Grant Program. To access your license keys, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the request form on this page. (See below.)
  2. Download SketchUp Pro 2014. (Please select the correct version. There are several to choose from.)
  3. Install in your lab environment or on individual machines.
  4. Open SketchUp. Click the Add License button. Use the serial number and key provided to you by the ORVSD help desk.
  5. Disable auto-check for updates in SketchUp. This will prevent update messages.  (Here how’s to disable the auto-check.)
  6. Visit the SketchUp Help Center for tech support issues. Or, as always, you can email

Photo credit: “The Northeast Side or ‘Back’ Side of the House” by Darren Barefoot is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

6 Comments on “SketchUp Pro for Oregon K-12 Districts

    • We’re excited to benefit from Trimble’s generosity, Stan. (Trimble is the parent company of SketchUp.)

      I hope you’ll enjoy having this tool in class next year.

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