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Google Launches Helpful GApps Tutorials

Google recently launched a new series of mini-courses to support teaching and learning with technology. Each course has tutorial videos, supplementary links, periodic quizzes, and a final assessment. Topics include Internet 101, (Google) Apps for Education, Gmail, (Google) Drive, Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

For schools and districts who have adopted Google Apps for Education as well as districts with mobile initiatives or those going BYOD, the GApps Tutorials could be a fabulous supplement to the ongoing professional development necessary to truly integrate technology into teaching learning. The courses are freely available online and participants who log in with a Google account can track their own progress and even receive completion certificates.

Access the GApps Tutorials at https://educourses.withgoogle.com/course

via Virgina Petitt
from Blogger http://www.northwestedtech.org/2013/12/google-launches-helpful-gapps-tutorials.html

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