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Pictures of What?!?! Pictures of What?!?!

So an email popped into my inbox from an administrator in one of my many districts.   A simple few lines:

I have heard a rumor that a student has a picture of naked butts on his iPad.  How would he get these?

I had to read that one a couple times, then I laughed.  It was a good belly laugh.  Once I stopped laughing I started thinking about it, carefully, before I replied.

Timely as it is, NPR’s All Tech Considered has been running a series on Raising Digital Natives: Technology And Our Kids.  The morning I received this email, I had listened to For The Tablet Generation, A Lesson In Digital Citizenship.  I share resources with my admin and teachers constantly. I mention it and incorporate it in almost every training I offer.  But with CCSS implementation, growth goals, and teacher evaluations teachers in our region seem to be drowning. Putting one more “you need to teach this” on their plate may be the snapping point for some of them.

For this specific district, I know using Common Sense Media as a guide to teach all grade levels digital citizenship was on their plan for the 1 to 1 iPad initiative, it’s on paper, but it wasn’t happening. The new first year principal, brought on in the middle of the roll out, wasn’t a part of the planning phase.   Staff was overwhelmed by the roll out, the new leadership, and all the state level changes making it a rough start to the year.   It was admittedly pushed to the side, maybe because it isn’t tested or it’s not graded, who knows.  But it wasn’t a priority.

Funny as this email was, it was a perfect springboard to bring back the conversation to how important the digital citizenship piece is.  It is a crucial conversation that is now happening with the whole staff, but necessary, before the naked butts incident becomes something much more damaging.  The lesson for me is I can’t share the resources enough. We want to prevent the fires, not have to chase them to put them out. And thanks to that young man that gave me the strange opportunity to use “naked butts” in an edtech blog post.

And no, the iPad wasn’t taken away.Deal with the behavior, don’t blame the tech.

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