Digital Curriculum and Teacher Support

The ORVSD Training Team is happy to be a part of the Oregon School Boards Association Annual Conference this weekend. We’re in beautiful, downtown Portland.

The Oregon Virtual School District is an Oregon Department of Education program. It provides free resources for online teaching and learning that promote the use of technology in Oregon classrooms. We offer Oregon public school educators the opportunity to find and share online resources, learn and use cutting edge online tools, and discuss how to put them to use in the classroom. (We’re not a virtual school district, despite the name. We’re a team of Oregon educators who support Oregon districts in their hybrid or virtual classrooms.)

We offer the following tools and content to all Oregon public school districts:

  • Moodle Learning Management System hosting
  • Florida Virtual Schools digital content
  • National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) content
  • CK-12 Flexbooks
  • WordPress content management hosting
  • Google Apps for Education administration

The tools are just part of the offering. We have a team of experienced, dynamic trainers who provide training and support in every corner of our state.

  • Training

We look forward to supporting your district in the transition to digital curriculum and classrooms. We welcome you to contact us at training@oregonk-12.net for your professional development needs.

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