Google Calendars & Lesson Planning

Have you ever spilled coffee, tea, or something sticky on your desk calendar?  Or are you an over planner like I am?  Or even, have you ever had an unexpected event occur like an emergency drill that completely messes up your plan for the day?  So, how do I constantly move the lessons that I never get to during the day on my calendar or maintain a readable calendar?  Actually, I don’t have a paper calendar.  With Google Calendars I don’t need a paper calendar at all (unless I want one for decoration).

Google Calendar offers many benefits.  I love the drag and drop feature for items I’ve placed on the calendar.  Run out of time for an activity? Drag it to the next day.  Have something that you do every other day? Set it to repeat on those days.  I can even set reminders to alert me for deadlines and appointments.  Can your paper calendar do all of these things?

My favorite aspect of Google Calendar is that I can share it publicly.  I publish my calendar on my classroom webpage so students, parents/guardians or anyone can see what we are doing in my class.  I can even add descriptions to the agenda items if need be and even add attachments.  It’s like a dream.

My PLC and I collaborate on course calendars.  The calendar I have linked above is actually a shared calendar between my colleague and me.  With our new proficiency curriculum, we are teaching the same curriculum at the same pace.  If we don’t get to something today, she or I can move it to the next day.  Both of us have access to edit, delete or add events.  This saves both of us trips to each other’s classrooms, many copies of paper, and pencils.  Really- who wants a calendar that looks like an eraser has eaten multiple holes in it or that looks like a bottle of white out has been spilled on it?

Oh, can your paper calendar magically morph into day view, weekly view, monthly view, or agenda view?  I didn’t think so.  Google Calendar has many viewing settings so you can tailor it to what suits your fancy.  I prefer monthly view because that is how I plan.  If I were to teach at the elementary level, I would probably use day view so I can see what activities and lessons are planned at specific times.

It is easy to add other calendars to yours and switch back and forth between calendars or even view multiple calendars at a time.  As I said, this is like a dream, but I assure you, it is reality!  To see all of the benefits that Google Calendar has to offer for you, check out our trainings and resources.  We want to help make your life as a teacher easier!  Hope to see you in October at our Google Summit at Westview High School in Beaverton.

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