April 19, 2013 Mid-Valley Google Roadshow

2013 Mid-Valley Google Roadshow ~ Willamette ESD ~ Salem, OR

Michelle Doring, ORVSD Trainer

 2013-04-19 Google Sites Mid-Valley

“Do you have a website?” I’ve asked that question more times than I can count! It seems like in our culture nothing is “legit” without a website. My husband and I are buying a house and it seems like through every step of the process from choosing a Realtor to buying all new appliances, we have been checking websites for just about EVERYTHING! And whether it’s fair or not, the contractors, fence guys, and gutter guard installers who don’t have good websites have all but been crossed off our list.

Are you, your school, or your group being crossed off peoples’ lists because you don’t have a good website? Cue Google Sites: the easiest (and most cost effective) way to create your own professional-looking website in no time at all! You can start from scratch or tweak a pre-made template to represent yourself online and share information with your users in the way they’re most comfortable with.

“Do you have a website?”

“Why yes. As a matter of fact, we do.”

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