Google Apps in the Primary Classroom

2012 Oregon Google Summit ~ Rock Creek Middle School ~ Room C101 9:45-11:00 am
Michelle Doring, ORVSD Trainer

Welcome! It’s so exciting to be here at the 2012 Oregon Google Summit with over 300 educators exploring the vast array of powerful tools that Google offers to school districts for free. I’m always so inspired by the neat opportunities for student collaboration, revision, and authentic assessments. Then, I remember that I work with students who are still not able to write their name with a pencil–much less type in their name and password on a computer! Student Google Apps for Education accounts are just not practical at the primary level, but there are still lots of ways that Google Apps can work for you as you begin to teach 21st Century skills to your young students.


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  3. Technology Education in the Primary Grades
  4. Google Calendar with Young Children
  5. Google Docs for Classroom Newsletters, Planning, and Record Keeping
  6. Google Sites for Communicating with Families
    1. Primary Template
    2. School Spirit Template

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