DIY eBooks with Google Presentations

2012 Oregon Google Summit ~ Rock Creek Middle School ~ Room C205 1:45-3:00 pm
Michelle Doring, ORVSD Trainer

Welcome! eBooks are all the rage with kids these days, and rightfully so! As a voracious reader I often find it convenient to be able to access my reading materials in a variety of formats in a variety of places. I’ll often have a copy of the same book in paperback on my nightstand, on my iPad, and on my iPhone so I can read whenever I get the chance.

The same idea can be used by teachers and school staff to engage their readers in custom content eBooks. Classroom teachers can use Google Presentations or any other publishing program to write eBooks designed to supplement and reinforce classroom curriculum or target a specific reading level. Students can create eBooks to showcase their learning in a format that can be read and reread by their classmates all year. Schools can export important documents and information from Google Docs to PDFs so that families can access the information on-the-go with any mobile device.

By writing your own custom eBooks, you can literally put your content in the palms of your students’ hands!


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