April 2 Training Resources for North Marion School District

On Monday, April 2, 2012 I presented a series of workshops on Google Apps for Education in North Marion School District. Here are the links to the resources we used:

  • Handout Document
    This is a LONG document! Use the table of contents on the first page to jump to the section you’re looking for. At the end of each section are training resources (including a link to the Common Craft video we watched) and examples of how other educators are using Google Apps. Feel free to share this resource, but please direct people back to this page.
  • Primary Sites Template
    We looked at some resources from the 2011 Google Summit including the notes from my session about creating websites for primary level classrooms.
  • ORVSD Webinars
    I mentioned several webinars hosted by Laura Nickerson. They can be found in the training portion of this web site.
  • Google Apps Sign In for North Marion School District
    Make sure you bookmark this location! This is where you will always log in to your NM Google account.

Thanks for coming and keep playing with these powerful tools from Google! Feel free to email me with questions or to share how you’re using Google Apps for Education. I’d love to see what you’ve come up with, and maybe even share your ideas with other educators!

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