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QR Codes: Creative Curricula

I thought you might like to try something using QR codes. Here are some examples.

When you scan a QR code with a barcode reader contained on a mobile device, you’ll get a website, video, text message, map or other piece of digital information. MANY of our students have these devices right in their pockets.

The greatest thing about them is that kids can create the products and connected QR codes to practice concepts and skills related to content in a student-centered manner. SO, if you’re saying to yourself, “We don’t allow students to have their phones out during the day,” don’t worry! They need a computer with Internet access to create a QR code and the video, Google doc/pres, website, poster, etc. When they want to read something, watch a video, study for a test, etc. *that’s* when they’ll need their mobile devices.

Alice’s ideas in the website above are spectacular examples. Here are some other things we’ve done with QR codes:

1) Book, Event or Concept Talks – Instead of book reports or having students stand up and all give the same speech, have them record a short clip (bonus that it’s less likely they’ll plagiarize since it’s pretty difficult while scripting a clip with a time limit) explaining the book, concept, skill, story, event, etc. Print and hang them in the library, in your classroom or in the hallway and set up a gallery walk where students can share.

QR code example

Scan this QR code with a mobile device of your choice.

2) Scavenger hunts during a field trip – reinforce the content you want kids to know by asking them to find specific things during the trip. When they scan the code related to the object they’ll get more of a context for what they’re looking at; supplement devices by asking to borrow iPads, iPod Touches, etc.

3) Have students create interactive study guides – mash up GDocs or Sites and QR codes and text to hit multiple learning styles. Kids can create their own resources or compile them (of course, they’ll check whether the information is reliable and valid)

Let us know if you want more information or help designing a project integrating QR codes and the subsequent materials into your content area.

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